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3Ps of Writing Online Content


Louie Pitlo


March 9, 2017

Now that online marketing is tougher than ever it is crucial we offer relevant, substantial content to our readers to keep them engaged. We often need to write articles that sell an idea, product or service – perhaps a brochure, funding submission or business proposal to work in a new way. 

Below are 3Ps in writing marketing material that will boost your search traffic without having to hire a copywriter.

1. Purpose

Be sure you know what you expect your articles is designed to do. In most businesses, it is highly unusual for someone to say “I’ve read your brochure, here’s my credit card.” In most case, your article is a part of the sales or influence process. The best it can do is to motivate and persuade someone to the next step: make an inquiry or to get further information.

The content of your article should be designed just to move them that step. Remember that it should not be filled with lots of detail – leave that for later. And if you have a clear purpose that will serve as a starting point of interest.

2. Promise

Make your reader a promise. This “promise” should capture their imagination or hold them wanting for more.

For, example: try my SEO service and I promise to triple your income, or reduce your operating costs; or drop 5 dress sizes. Your reader should be clear about what you are offering them as a result of buying your product or service. Your article should be something that is interesting and of value to them.

There are many ways of making a promise. You don’t have to say the words ‘I promise you’, even if you really can. Instead, you could say “9 out of 10 businesses grow when they try my new biz strategy”, by implication yours will too. Or use a bold or strong statement like “The 3 Ps of effective online brochures” – this is a promise that if you put my writing strategy to work your online brochures will generate more sales.

Keep in mind that the most experienced content writer knows how to choose the right way to phrase your promise. You can do this by learning about your audience.

3. Proof

Anybody can make a promise, but readers are interested in knowing that you can deliver on what you say. We’ve all been let down and disappointed by broken promises.

So what does a prolific web content writer do? Spend some time in your article proving you can deliver on your promises. You could:

>  explain your product and how it works (step-by-step)

>  quote from scientific studies (add statistics)

>  talk about your experience and expertise (add best practices)

>  provide testimonials from satisfied customers

>  compare your idea with other alternatives

But don’t overdo proof instead provide just enough to show you are credible.

When writing blog articles aimed to persuade or influence people’s thinking, views or behavior, remember and use the three P's.


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