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Do-It-Yourself Social Media Public Relations


Louie Pitlo


May 17, 2017

Online public relations and publicity using social media are very important in a company. You should never underestimate the power that it does. It is a part of your effective online marketing.  Without it, your market might never know that your products exist. Hence, you definitely need it. However, if you are just starting up a company, hiring a public relation agency might consume a lot of your budget. If you can't afford to pay for a big-time publicist, here are some smart ways to be your company's own publicist. 

                Become a bona fide news outlet! Make your online sites seem as a real publication for both your peers and your target customers to see.  Create a Facebook page, Twitter business account, blog site, hosted website, YouTube page, AVPs and other virtual publicity materials. You can do all of those for free. You just have to subscribe in an internet connection.

                Once you've created those pages, keep on posting updates, articles, and new instalments of online posters and videos. Invite as many people in those accounts and make them follow you, too so that when you post a new poster, they could be tagged and they could be aware of what is going on in your company.  After all, the social media PR is now a very powerful tool to influence people's beliefs and actions.

                You may also want to try video blogging. It is an online social media strategy that is gaining a widespread success worldwide. Once you've posted an online advertisement on Youtube or your blog, show and send its link to as many of your friends, colleagues and prospect customers, and make them forward it to their friends too. In that way, you are creating a larger network that might attract people to patronise your product.

                Who knows? Your company AVP might be the next Youtube sensation! Remember how Youtube made The Piano Guys and Justin Bieber popular? That might happen to your product too as long as you know how to persuade people to watch it online. Gaining online presence is almost the same as other PR strategies such as giving out newsletters, online ads, and announcing on your company social media networks.

                Your online publicity materials need not be extremely beautiful. You just have to think of a brand that you want to associate with your product and stick with it. The colours and styles that you use must be coherent with each other. As long as you maintain that style and be consistent with your posting strategies, people will definitely remember you and the next thing you'll know, you already created a larger network of loyal customers that never fails to support you. 

This is a starter list. What are some other internet promotion strategies aligned to your industry?


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