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How Online Public Relations in Social Media Function?


Louie Pitlo


May 17, 2017

         Whether your business is big, small, profit, nonprofit, public or private, Public Relations department is definitely needed! Every company has one. It is often a part of a larger marketing communications department which may also include advertising, sales promotion, and direct sales. However, for starting companies or small business, PR or Online Public Relations alone may be enough. PR for small business is a set of methods which can gain publicity and attention for an individual or an organisation to its intended audiences. In the end, the effective practice of implementing an effective and well-planned online PR campaign may result in the organisation being viewed in the general public's eyes as a responsible and ethical company that is concerned about the welfare of its customers, hence producing quality products and services.

         The role of Public Relations is to build and maintain a positive brand image of a company or product. PR practitioners make use of social media to persuade customers into buying your product and it must also make existing products visible. Generally, it utilises different approaches of messaging, such as the traditional press releases and current social media techniques. The role that public relations play is crucial especially when a company or its new products will be introduced to the market. They are needed to create awareness and to make the brand seem new and different from its other competitors.  After all, your product will never sell and your company will never earn without the buyer's knowledge of what you are selling. And that's where PR comes in. It bridges the gap between the seller and the buyer- the company and its market. Without the publicity that the company and its product needs, it would never gain profit. Hence, the role of PR is truly important.

            An online PR social media campaign is also needed in times of crisis communication. Crisis communication refers to anything bad that happens in a company like natural disasters, management wrongdoings, bankruptcies and product failures. It is the job of PR to provide honest and accurate information.

           Building loyalty and retention, cross-selling related goods and services, broadening offerings to fulfil more of customers’ needs—all are ways of adding to overall customer equity through public relations activities in social media.


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