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Important Things to Consider When Developing Mobile Apps


Bigblock Solutions


March 9, 2017

When you’re considering the development of a mobile app, there are important factors that you need to consider before you jump in. As you can see, the development of mobile apps has been on the rise for the past years and will continue to do so in the years to come. Let’s take a look at some of these important things to look into for the development of any mobile app today.


Development Technology

Two of the main mobile app development approaches today are native and hybrid. Following the native paradigm will allow users to run the app on one device without having to compromise on quality. On the other hand, the hybrid approach will be more economical as it provides the flexibility to operate on multiple devices.

Choosing the wrong development approach can be costly for a business and can even harm your image. That is why it is important to sort out the best platform you should use, which approach to follow and technology to apply for mobile app development.


Multiple Authentication Levels

Being able to authenticate users is an important part of the security of a mobile app. This feature will allow secure and safe logins. Choosing a two or three level authentication process can help up your security when needed.

Right now, there are many organisations that are following this trend to make sure that the identity of an individual is correct. Providing a one-time password or OTP is among the most popular methods which will identify individuals through text messages.


Encryption of Data

Since there are a lot of data being transmitted in and out in an app, companies should look into following strict guidelines when they transmit data. Secure and reliable communication is essential here. You might end up in vulnerable situations if you make the mistake of underestimating the importance of data encryption.


Marketing Your Mobile App

If you’re planning to push out a new mobile app in the market, then you should consider how you can sell it to your target clients. You may end up having a good product, but you will still need the money and effort to market it to get the best ROI possible. So before you get into it, think about how you can entice people to invest in your product. Figure out what conferences you can be part of with your existing budget. Providing in-person demonstrations are more effective than just doing online ads.

If you’ve decided to go ahead with the development of a mobile app but don’t have the expertise to do so, then you’ve come to the right place. We at Bigblock Solutions have experts who can develop the app that you have in mind. Contact us now to schedule a consultation and let’s talk about your concept mobile app in mind!


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