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Significance of Timescale and Resource Allocation in SEM Project Management


Louie Pitlo


May 17, 2017

Search engine marketing makes use of paid advertisements that appear on search engine results pages (SERPs). Advertisers manage their online advertising projects which include bidding on keywords that readers in Google and Bing might enter when they look for products or services. This gives the advertiser the opportunity for their online ads to appear alongside results for those search queries. This means that it is imperative for advertisers and/or online marketers to make use and effectively manage their time and resource allocation.

Time and resource allocation can offer the coverage and resource necessary for every project implementation and the sequential restrictions between operations that are linked by prior interaction.


The sequencing of the project implementation, from the planning stage to the completion of the project could be communicated clear through the use of project schedule or better known as timescale.  It aids to portray the dependencies in time between linking various project duties as a result duties can be controlled to accomplish the timetable by increasing some labours or adjusting the methodology to meet the necessary target date. It usually indicates the feasibility of the plan and supported by the workings of labour, work-pool and other imperative means that can be shown through a timescale diagram. See below:


Gantt chart is a tool to easily record and illustrate the timetable of work activities and indicate signpost in the diagram. The Gantt chart online below can be used as a benchmark in gauging the progress of the project.

Resource allocation

Resource allocation in project management is the process of assigning and managing assets in a manner that supports an organisation's strategic goals.

The thing is the allotment of finances for every step of the program implementation. However, there are overhead charges that could not be paid directly to the project itself due to the constraints of the contact or client.   Therefore there is a need for estimation and allotment of unexpected expenses. It aids to foresee unexpected hassles, financial agitate and even bankruptcy.

For instance in an IT project, the focus would be to consider the IT device per se, the software programs to be used in the operation if the business and its installation and the training of the personnel that would handle this department, the payment for additional support staff if needed be, the expenses for facilities and the utilities that would be used. Although the software and the hardware may not be as expensive or as high-leveled, it should prove to stand the tests of receptiveness, stability and cost-efficiency. All of these would be required and demanded by the IS experts to be taken into account.

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