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Smart Ways to E-commerce for Start-ups


Louie Pitlo


March 9, 2017

E-commerce offers business owners such as yourself a wide array of competitive benefits that can aid in streamlining of business processes. Currently, online merchandisers work to make their product assortment and product display as attractive as possible. Hence they include promotions, cross-selling and up-selling.

E-commerce online has tonnes of open source e-commerce tools you can use for your internal business system as it provides applications such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) that would enhance their relationships with their customers. It also provides simplification of inventory processes through the Automated Inventory Management (AIM) that made shopping cart system a reality.

Another online solution for e-commerce also offers modernization of the supply chain of the company through the Supply Chain Management (SCM) software such as SAP, Megaventory, or Freightview. E-commerce also allows restructuring of the business processes through Enterprise Resource Planning application like iDempiere or Odoo. The human resource department can be aided by using the document management systems and human resource management (HRM) for instance Orange HRM and Waypoint HR. Your company’s communication tools can also be modernised through a use of the Voice Over Internet protocol (VOIP).

You may also use Internet technologies that can be tied up with other IT technologies such as content management system (CMS), electronic mail, electronic mobile messaging, voice mails and web conferencing. Then to aid online publishers, there are tools made available for content management which then allows for improvement of the website such as content management system platforms such as Wordpress, Wix, and Weebly. There are also e-commerce analytics tools wherein online marketers can do data mining techniques to determine what products are fitting for cross-selling and determine what extent interest translates into actual sales. Such is in the area of Internet usage analysis - the need for monitoring, reporting and evaluation for marketing. This is a very beneficial tool and you can use Google analytics, Mint or Haystack for these.

We hope this article provided you with a chance to look at some popular e-commerce tools that could help your business.


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