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Top Online Reputation Management Trends for Brand Marketers


Louie Pitlo


March 9, 2017

Brand building and brand management are only for big businesses with millions to invest. Wrong.  Having a strong brand gives small and mid-sized businesses the best opportunity to distinguish themselves in the competitive marketplace. Your company brand identity has to be reflected across all communication channels of the business: from PR work to advertisements, from web presence and information brochures to personal customer contact. But first, you have to have an established, real brand value – because a good brand always creates more value for the company than it costs in terms of communication.

So what does a good brand have?

Brand Relevance

The strongest brands always effectively express emotional and often social benefits. The emotional benefits of your brand express how you feel when you use it. While social/affiliation benefits revolve around how you want others to see you. However, still, functional benefits are important but rarely differentiate one brand from another. Hence, connecting emotional benefits with your difference is at the heart of great messaging, and at the end of the day elevates your brand to one of contemporary relevance. It should be incorporated in your brand promotion strategy.

Own Your Shadow

This is really about looking at your competitors - looking at the language they use, the retail branding strategies they use, the attitudes and personalities they're putting forward, and determining what differentiates you from them and devising a branding strategy.

Once you form that personality and that angle, it points you in the right direction. Startup survivors were ones who were able to abbreviate the details of their surroundings, judge and categorise them for future use, recall, and decision-making.

Remember successful and effective branding strategies guide you, break logjams, scale your efforts, all to create results that are defensible for you, understood by your constituencies, and provide a shortest distance, most compelling connection with your target market.

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