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Reasons Why Quality Content in Digital Marketing is Crucial


Bigblock Solutions


September 14, 2018

The motive behind content used to be like a television in the waiting room; it wasn’t something you came for, but you used it to pass the time. With the evolution of search engines, the entire script has been changed entirely. This created a scenario where the waiting room wasn’t likely to be found without the television tuned into the right station.

This was when content marketing – which is the practice of using content both as a medium and platform for brand messages – was born. With the growing momentum of digital marketing in 2017, high-quality content is even more important now than ever before.


It’s All About Making Your Audience Happy

The search engine giant Google and its smaller brethren have all realized, through a long series of research and updates in many years, that making the searcher happy is key. If the searcher is satisfied, they will return. Once they return, they continue to contribute more data in the algorithm. And better algorithms would mean better ad response, which eventually translates to more money for search engines.

With that said, companies that have a better chance to search engine engagement and placement are the ones that follow a reader-first approach in content structure. If you are just publishing content for the sake of doing so and you’re not studying the trends, you won’t appeal to many in your target audience.

The search engines take note of websites that fail to cater to content that the audience consumes, and their ranking in the SERPS will go down accordingly.


Your Content Is Not a Single Channel

If your content strategy, or lack thereof, falls under one umbrella, you’re in serious trouble as time goes by. Although you don’t need a big content creation team to diversify efforts, you will need to publish content that is interesting enough to survive being compressed and stretched into mediums such as social media.

If you want your company message to get past the ad blind perimeter, you will have to get creative and tap into several delivery solutions with regards to content. If the content you put out is weak or light in substance, branching out into a new territory such as video will be seen as an act of desperation instead of innovation to consumers.


You’re Playing on a Bigger Stage

There’s a reason why it’s called the Internet. Everything that gets put out there is interconnected to a need by a consumer in some way. In other words, you are not creating a path between problem and solution, but you’re making it easier to find and faster to go through.

If you focus more on pushing content down your reader’s throats instead of drawing them in, you will risk alienating them and pushing them into the hands of the competition. Always think of new ways to approach your audience at a different angle and capitalize on more ways to reach your customers even passively.

The real secret in achieving quality content is a strong and unwavering focus to listen to the customer and give them what they want as often as you can. Although part of the marketing process is to follow techniques and data, if you aren’t starting with your consumer in mind, your content is destined to become obsolete.

Listen, understand, adapt and innovate your content strategy and you and your marketing effort will benefit tremendously.


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