Fair Use Policy – Web Development

1. Service Inclusions and Limitations

Scope of Initial Website Development:
  • Business Growth: Includes development of up to 5 web pages, basic SEO setup, and integration of standard plugins. Content management system (CMS) installation and basic configuration are covered. These pages can be any of the following:
    • Home Page: The main landing page of your website.
    • About Us: Information about your business, mission, and values.
    • Services/Products: Descriptions of the services or products offered by your business.
    • Contact Us: Details for visitors to get in touch with your business.
    • Testimonials: Customer reviews and testimonials showcasing your business’s credibility.
    • FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions addressing common queries.
    • 404 Page: Design a landing page to inform users when they’ve reached a non-existent page on a website.
    • Terms of Service/Privacy Policy: Legal pages outlining the terms and policies of using your website.
  • E-commerce Growth: Extends to 10 web pages, SEO features, and plugin integration. Includes e-commerce functionality setup and basic social media integration. The following pages will be added to the Business Growth plan:
    • Shop: The main product listing page where users can browse all available products.
    • Product Pages: Individual pages for each product with detailed descriptions, images, and pricing.
    • Cart: The page where users can view and manage the items they’ve added to their shopping cart.
    • Checkout: The page where users enter their billing and shipping information to complete their purchase.
    • My Account: A section where registered users can manage their orders, addresses, and account details.
    • Initial setup of 10 products including variation
    • Connect ready-made payment solutions
  • Agency Growth: Clients can build and manage up to three Business Websites or a combination of one Business Website and one E-commerce Website, offering flexibility and scalability while adhering to fair use guidelines.
  • Services not included in the initial development such as extensive custom graphic design, content writing, and advanced plugin integration will be considered out of scope and subject to additional charges.

2. Fair Use of Resources

Server Resources and Bandwidth:
  • Clients are expected to use server resources and bandwidth within the limits set by their specific growth plan. Excessive use beyond these limits may result in throttling, suspension, or upgrade recommendations.
Support Hours:
  • Business Growth: Includes up to 60 minutes of technical support per month.
  • E-commerce Growth: Up to 120 monthly hours of technical support and maintenance.
  • Agency Growth: Up to 4 hours of technical support with a priority response.

3. Amendments and Revisions

Revision Policy:
  • All Plans: Include up to three rounds of revisions for website designs and content prior to final approval. Additional revisions are charged at an hourly rate specified in the service agreement.

4. Additional Support and Billing

Additional Resources:

  • Storage & Backup – You’ll be charged an extra $10 at the end of the billing month for each extra 5GB used.
  • Website Traffic – For every 10K extra visitors you’ll be charged an extra $10 at the end of the billing month.
Post-Completion Support:
  • Post-launch support is limited to bug fixes and minor updates for the first 30 days post-launch for Growth plans.
  • Additional development work requested post-launch will be billed separately based on the current hourly rate.

5. Terms of Enforcement

Compliance and Dispute Resolution:
  • Non-compliance with this fair use policy will first be addressed through communication and mediation efforts. Persistent breaches may result in service suspension or termination.
  • Disputes arising from the interpretation of these terms will be resolved through arbitration or legal proceedings in accordance with local jurisdiction laws.
Policy Modification:
  • The agency reserves the right to modify the terms of the fair use policy at any time. Changes will be communicated to clients through official channels and will take effect 30 days after notification.
This Fair Use Policy is intended to clarify the rights and responsibilities of both the agency and its clients to ensure mutual understanding and prevent potential conflicts. It is advisable to review this policy with a legal advisor to ensure that it adequately protects your interests while complying with applicable laws and industry standards.