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VTour Launches Aurora Lobby

VTour, a virtual event platform, has launched a new lobby theme for virtual product launches, trade shows, events, and exhibitions. Introducing: the Aurora Lobby, with outdoor virtual conferences, vibrant stall designs, corporate lobby look, and large exhibition halls.

About VTour

VTour is a multi-platform virtual event software with seamless cross-device or platform integration. As we gear toward the “new normal,” online virtual platforms keep us connected and socially engaged. It is where we can get together remotely and serves as an avenue for companies and brands to engage their target audience through immersive virtual activities and events integrated with augmented reality (AR). VTour has all the interactive and integrated tools that allow it to host a virtual event for any number of participants, from small teams to hundreds and thousands of people. VTour can host:

  • Townhalls
  • Product launches
  • Panel discussions
  • Conferences
  • Customised events
  • Corporate meetings
  • Exhibitions/expos
  • And many more

And while it is an intuitive and powerful platform, its features are easy to use and accessible to both web and mobile users, through a browser or the VTour app. Not only does it host events but it also features a full range of tools for both hosts and participants, in which it provides all the information on the ongoing event as well as upcoming events; real-time broadcast and interaction with presentations; allows you to interact with other attendees; and access and download supplementary content.

Virtual Lobby

The Aurora Lobby is VTour’s latest addition to its lobby themes. The virtual lobby is where users can explore different other events and other interactive activities and tools. With the Aurora being its grandest lobby to date, it has three explorable lobbies, an auditorium, networking lounge, and halls for exhibitions, fun engagement, and conferences. It also features all-new stall designs and multiple indoor/outdoor auditorium options.

VTour’s lobby templates are easy to use, fully editable, and completely responsive to any custom events. Other customisable VTour templates also include agenda pages and stalls.

Design and Development by Bigblock Solutions

We previously designed and developed VTour’s website and the virtual event platform itself, and we also had the opportunity to help the company bring the Aurora Lobby to fruition. We continue to provide them with innovative design and digital solutions to maintain a seamless, secure, and enjoyable virtual experience for their clients.

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